Prague Ballet Intensive is an International Ballet Coaching Program, that is composed of current and former principal dancers, teachers and choreographers from the top European, Russian and North American ballet companies.
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There are two studios and both are conveniently located next to the subway – Náměstí Míru (Prague 2).
PBI summer course will be held at CONTEMPORARY at  National House of Vinohrady.

Náměstí Míru (Peace Square)
The central square of Vinohrady with a park at its centre. The square is dominated by the neo-Gothic Cathedral of St. Ludmila, built from 1888 to 1893 according to plans drawn by architect Josef Mocker, and the Art Nouveau Vinohrady Theatre, dating to 1904-1907. Every year, Náměstí Míru is the venue for many cultural and social events.

Náměstí Míru is the deepest station of the Prague Metro and the European Union. Its platform is situated 53 metres below surface. As a consequence the station has the longest escalators in European Union (length 87 m, vertical span 43.5 m, 533 steps, taking 2 minutes and 21 seconds to ascend or 2 minutes 19 seconds to descend without walking).

In front of the church is a large, nicely landscaped central area with many benches where locals like to sit and chat, read or watch their kids or dogs play.

You can also find many restaurants, cafes, hotels, hostels and airbnbs in this area.